Just a quick note to thankyou for the quick service. And boy what a
flash jacket! bloody brilliant.
WOW what a fantastic vest the wife loves it talk about detailing. Shes over the moon cant get her out of it. Once again many thanks and the new design looks great
It came today - I love it, its so much better in real life - THANK YOU SO MUCH for the coolest reflective vest ever!!!!

Recieved the vest today. Total "quality" product!!!!!!
I am certain that I will be "noticed" while riding at night.
I will show my riding buddies my vest, I have a hunch you will be getting
more orders from Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Thanks again,
got my vest there a couple of days ago
have to say im very pleased, came out quite nicely
cheap enough, custom made, and its safety gear
plus it was delivered in under a week, which I found fantastic

all good, 5 stars =oP
I have the geko style. Done close to 30,000 in it now, all weathers and it still looks as good as the day I got it. really is a nice bit of kit m8. When it eventually wears out I will be ordering another one.
Vests arrived this morning. Good fit, good product, great service.
Thank you.

Thank you for my PHOENIX ! it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !
I received it today at work ... I had 5 comments, then went to the bank ... more comments
and on to a friends office, where they absolutely loved it. I particularly like the way that I can get at my jacket pockets. Obviously designed BY riders FOR riders !
I think this is possibly pound for value, the best thing I have ever bought for my riding,
Thank you !

scotland III tactical
Phoenix Rear
scotland I blue back
Thank you so much, I have received the other jackets today and they are quality, thanks again.

Your items are really great. One of our riders told me recently he was riding ahead of his wife driving her car and with poor weather she couldn't even see the tail light of his bike ahead of her, but she could see where he was from the vest that still reflected light.

Vest has arrived, many thanks for the service provided and the quality of the vest.  I have posted photos on a couple of uk Indian motorcycle rider Facebook sites, you never know, you may get some repeat orders. ;-)

indian back ylo
steel horse
I got a lot of attention when I wore your vest this past weekend.  It is perfect.  You have a good eye for what works. It is a blast to wear along with easy to pack and keep on the motorcycle.  Thank you so much!
Just a quick note to tell you that the vest I ordered arrived safely and is much better than I had expected.

CHP back
They're really good quality and they've printed up lovely with the graphics. Everyone I've shown mine too has been impressed and they're much easier to wear too than the fluourescent jackets I've got.

norway round vest small
The tabards arrived this morning and we just wanted to say thank you.  They look brilliant and will certainly work well for our needs.  You were really helpful with the design process, making sure that they looked right before starting and they have turned out really well.

As for the vest, it is awesome! It is really great quality and it looks fab, even better than I thought it could and much better than it looks on the web page.

Thanks for a brilliant product, personalised to my requirements with great, friendly service and super fast delivery. Brill!

celtic custom back
Customer`s comparison between the Tinwolf vest and the Icon milspec vest which was published on the Volusia riders site in the USA
I snagged the icon vest one night while out for a ride but was extremely disappointed in visibility in low light. I mean, you could see this thing no problems in the daytime, but at night the reflectivity just wasn`t up to my standards. Besides, the fit was a little weird for me as well and the vest wouldn`t sit right when I was in riding position.

In a search for an alternative, I came across TinWolf's website and was impressed with the visibility of the vest.

Product: I was so excited to get my vest I ripped open the package and slipped this bad boy on. I wont lie, after seeing it on I was a little dissapointed at the fit. This thing was really baggy and I couldnt get it to cinch down to my build without the logos getting skewed. I took the vest off and moped around a bit (keep in mind Im a small guy @ 5'7" 127lbs). Then I got a realization - "Wait a minute...this thing is really setup to be worn OVER my gear". I hurredly ran down jumped in my leather jacket and threw the vest over top. This was a MUCH better fit and I was instantly beyond satisfied with my purchase.

ICON - made out of nylon I believe. It reminds me of the material a gym or duffel back would be made out of. The vest is also longer and in my mind seems to be designed to be worn alone. It has a mesh type liner or backing, but doesnt allow for any increased airflow. I guess its to keep the vest together in the event of a crash. This vest has a lot of pockets on it (that serve no purpose to me) and the reflective stripes are somewhat lacking.

TinWolf - The only 'solid' portion of the vest is in the yoke (shoulder area). The rest of the vest is a mesh (read netting'ish) style allowing for more movement and airflow. The vest is also shorter than the Icon. This makes wearing it while on the bike much more comfortable. In seated position, the vest isnt riding up on me at all. I chose the HiViz yellow - which is much brighter than the Icon vest. This color seems to glow in low light conditions. The reflectivity of the print is totally awesome! depending on the angle, the patches just radiate - so much so that they look like silvery white rather than a dull gray. I also really like the fact that the edges of the vest are reflective outlining the wearer. Even the bungie cords are reflective.

I can go on and on about how much better I like the looks of the TinWolf jacket.
Overall I do not hesitate in recommending a TinWolf vest to anyone. I absolutely love the product and would buy from them again!
I received the vest this afternoon and think it's excellent. I was surprised at the shortness in length but find that's actually helpful because I can access my pockets easier.
Thanks for the great service and communication.

Thanks for the gecko jacket - love it.  I'd read that they look better in real life that on the website and it's actually true.  Well impressed!
Absolutely fantastic…love it ...and oh so bright.
Went to a rally and got told I looked like a UFO when I was at the other end of camp from my buddies.

Just wanted to let you know that the vest arrived today. It looks really good (the picture on the site really doesn't do it justice) and it fits perfectly. It's really good to have someone doing interesting hi-viz instead of the boring stuff you usually see.
Received the vest this morning, superb quality, It is much better than I expected, and I don't have the chance to say that too often. I will have no hesitation in recommending your vests to fellow riders.

ayb 002
Two club members were over today, and I swear I had the worst time keeping them from taking the vests!  They wanted them NOW!! Your patience, customer service and quality of product is amazing.
Solo Ninos - MetroBetties ride - front
Solo Ninos - MetroBetties Ride - Back
Just got the vest yesterday and have to tell you...Great work! Really sharp looking product. Haven't ridden with it yet, but it certainly appears to be well made and it fits perfectly.
My Wife loved it too, and remarked "How 'bout the Brits, making cool USMC gear?" :)

Good on 'ya guys
Many thanks for the vest, I got it last week and it's absolutely superb!

Unlike my old full length hi viz vest, this one is a much better design, being short, so there's no bunching up around the waist, and I can access my pockets.  Because of the clever mesh fabric, I'm no longer hot and bothered on my commute, as it lets the air circulate.
Hi Paul,
I received the vest.
It's fantastic, I love it. Exactly what I wanted.
heart back

Vest has arrived, many thanks for the service provided and the quality of the vest
indian back ylo
indian front